[OAI-implementers] superscripts, subscripts, Greek alphabet

François Schiettecatte francois@fsconsult.com
Fri, 09 May 2003 15:23:55 -0400


You ask an interesting question.

My answer is biased because I have been delving into this for the past
couple of weeks for another project, but I would recommend you use unicode.

The reasons for this are multifold:

- It is the way to go :)

- It is the right thing to do :)

- And there are a lot of tools out there which allow to you work effectively
with it, as well as a lot of documentation which explains it all.

If you wish I can send you a list of links to resources, which I would also
be happy to post to the list for everyone.

One thing I will note here is that my OAI search interface, my.OAI, is going
to go Unicode (utf-8) in the next couple of weeks. The search interface as
well as all the text will be Unicode based, while the search engine will
support iso-8859-1, so no Chinese searching yet, but most European languages
will be supported, so a search for 'francois' will yield different results
from a search for 'françois'.

On 5/9/03 1:13 PM, "deridder" <deridder@cs.utk.edu> wrote:

> Umm, how are you folks dealing with these?  Anything
> standardized yet?  If so, please point me in the right
> direction.
> thanks!
>   --j.
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