[OAI-implementers] OAI and Soap

Hussein Suleman hussein@cs.uct.ac.za
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:44:50 +0200


i did some tests a long time ago and the basics seem to be fairly 

the fine-print could be another matter however ... so i have a group of 
students doing an in-depth study of SOAP applied to the OAI-PMH, 
including a draft spec rewrite, baseline tools and implementations, 
testing tools, an end-to-end SOAP-OAI-based system, performance 
evaluations and comparisons, etc.

their final report will be completed by the beginning of october and 
will be submitted to the OAI as a feasability study - this will 
hopefully serve as the basis for a new working group to develop a formal 
SOAP-OAI spec.

also, we need to be a little cautious - W3C recently upped the new SOAP 
spec to "proposed recommendation". it would be wise to wait until it is 
a "recommendation" before OAI finalises a SOAP spec.


John Perkins wrote:
> I'm interested to know if there are any implementers who have 
> experimented with OAI over SOAP and the status of those experiments. I 
> remember Herbert saying a while back that he knew of some but don't 
> recall seeing any responses at that time.  Regards, John Perkins
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