[OAI-implementers] Re: Reconsidering mandatory DC in OAI-PMH

Thomas Krichel krichel@openlib.org
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 04:39:08 -0500

  Andy Powell writes

> Err... services based on minimal metadata

  These are not likely to be used or useful. I rather have
  Google index my web pages that render the full metadata
  for humans. BTW, Google have taken the business
  of resource discovery for them. We better get used to it.

> plus an index of full-text (where it is available for harvesting at
> the URI provided in dc:identifier).

  dc:identifier is the identitfier of the item, not of the 
  full text, is in not? Say I have an academic paper,
  dc:identifier should be the id of the paper, not the 
  url of the full-text?


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