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Hi Jeremy:

Not sure how relevant this might be to you but for some prototype work we
have recently been doing to syndicate tables of contents with RSS, some of
us from Elsevier and Nature Publishing Group have used the PRISM (Publisher
Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) term set which seems to offer a
suitable level of granularity in the enumeration metadata fields. See some
of the examples, we have posted:

> Examples of PRISM in action as an RSS 1.0 module 
> can be found on both publisher sites:
> 	1. The NPG title 'Nature'
> 	http://nurture.nature.com/rss/nature_test.rdf
> 	2. The Elsevier title 'Tetrahedron'
> 	http://www2.elsevier.co.uk/~tony/rss_demo/sample.rdf
> 	A demo HTML rendering of the above RSS feed which shows
> 	off the metadata elements is also available:
> 	http://www2.elsevier.co.uk/~tony/rss_demo/sample.html
> Note that these URIs point to demo documents only and are not 
> production feeds.

These examples are using RSS, but should give a flavour of what can be
captured using PRISM. See especially the Nature example.

The full specification for the PRISM spec can be found on the website:



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I'm implementing an OAI repository of scientific journals, but I'm not sure 
what to do with the volume, issue and page metadata for the unqualified dc 
format. I've read a few debates over this but I've not seen where it's been 

I had thought about adding a bibiographic record in dc.source, as in...
<dc:source>Journal of Some Research 120(3), 133-165</dc:source>

But I can see arguments against this.

It seems logical to acknowledge that this metadata can not exist in 
unqualified dc format, and encourage harvesters to use our more-specific 
metadata format. This would mean unqualified dc from our repository would 
be fairly useless.

Is this the accepted way to expose scientific journals through OAI?

Jeremy Keeler

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