[OAI-implementers] Scientific journal metadata

Jeremy Keeler jkeeler@allenpress.com
Fri, 01 Aug 2003 17:00:16 -0500


I'm implementing an OAI repository of scientific journals, but I'm not sure 
what to do with the volume, issue and page metadata for the unqualified dc 
format. I've read a few debates over this but I've not seen where it's been 

I had thought about adding a bibiographic record in dc.source, as in...
<dc:source>Journal of Some Research 120(3), 133-165</dc:source>

But I can see arguments against this.

It seems logical to acknowledge that this metadata can not exist in 
unqualified dc format, and encourage harvesters to use our more-specific 
metadata format. This would mean unqualified dc from our repository would 
be fairly useless.

Is this the accepted way to expose scientific journals through OAI?

Jeremy Keeler

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