[OAI-implementers] User Specific Archive Access

Xiaoming Liu liu_x@lanl.gov
22 Apr 2003 09:05:42 -0600

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 06:40, Michael Krot wrote:
> As far as background information, we are an archive with about 400 
> journal titles and millions of records.  Users will only be able to 
> harvest metadata for those journals that they have subscribed to - that 
> should be a problem I can handle.  Things get tricky when we start to 
> look at what is available WITHIN the journal.  Some users will have 
> access to the entire journal from start to finish, other users will only 
> have access to records up until a certain year (usually 5 years before 
> the present year).  This isn't so hard to manage either, until you start 
> to think about a user asking for new or changed content.  What is "new" 
> or changed will be different for each harvester, depending on their 
> access rights.

One possible solution is to create virtual repository for each user (the
institutional subscriber), such as http://an.org/{userid}/oai, since
automatic URL mapping can be used, this task may not be very hard. For
each user you may have a profile which maintains access right.

xiaoming liu

> One possible solution to this problem is to simply give them the 
> metadata and flag it as being unavailable in some way, but this is not 
> an ideal solution.  An ideal solution is to restrict access to the 
> metadata until such time as they are permitted to harvest it.
> Well, I don't expect anyone else to have encountered this specific 
> problem, but if anyone has experimented with limiting access to an 
> archive for specific users or user-groups, I would love to know about it.
> Thanks!
> Michael Krot  
> Data Manager
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