[OAI-implementers] Beginner questions

Hussein Suleman hussein@cs.uct.ac.za
Tue, 08 Apr 2003 23:56:35 +0200

hi Venu

i am not sure about your first question - are you looking for usage 
statistics for oai-harvested data ? if so, every now and then service 
providers publish whatever they do know on this list or oai-general 
(sometimes as pointers to publications). there is no global tracking for 
usage of harvested data.

the trivial answer is that for most service providers, 100% of accesses 
is to oai-harvested "metadata" since they get their data strictly from 
data providers. i dont know if anybody tracks "resource" usage however.

for the second question, there are two ways to harvest: either by using 
listrecords or by using listidentifiers and getrecords (there are 
probably numerous articles/papers that discuss these). it can be argued 
that the former is all we need, but listidentifiers has been used by 
some harvesters for periodic consistency checks - to confirm existence 
of records without retrieving them.

... if you provide more information on your requests, you will probably 
get more directed responses ...


Venugopal R Pally wrote:
> Thanks. This has made my questions cleared. could you
> please inform me how 'METADATA' and 'RESOURCE' are
> being used by harvestors or by any user ? Since we are
> getting records by ListRecords, GetRecord, how
> ListIdentifiers is used ? 
> Thanks,
> Venu.
> --- Naomi Dushay <Naomi@cs.cornell.edu> wrote:
>>One of the ways we think about the two different
>>identifiers is this:
>>The DC identifier is an identifier for the RESOURCE.
>> In fact, our rule
>>of thumb is that any information within the metadata
>>tag is about the
>>The OAI identifier is an identifier for METADATA for
>>the resource.  And
>>again, information in the header tag is about
>>We tend to think of the about tag as being about the
>>METADATA as well.
>>- Naomi Dushay
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