[OAI-implementers] oai response XML Schema checking

Heinrich Stamerjohanns stamer@uni-oldenburg.de
Tue, 1 Apr 2003 11:37:56 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Thomas Krichel wrote:

>    Folks,
>   I want to check my OAI repository regularly, by
>   going through all the responses that it
>   can generate and check them one by one. I had
>   gotten Xerces java 1 to run, but I can no longer
>   do it. I have played with the flags that they
>   suggest in the documentation, and either it checks
>   only the well-formedness of the response or it
>   comes up with an error that says
> Document root element "{1}", must match DOCTYPE root "{0}".
>   presumably suggesting that there is something
>   wrong with the namespaces. Same thing with xerces-2_4_0.
>   The command that I give is
> CLASSPATH=/home/oaiadm/java/xerces-2_4_0/xercesImpl.jar:/home/oaiadm/java/xerces
> -2_4_0/xercesSamples.jar:/home/oaiadm/java/xerces-2_4_0/xml-apis.jar:/home/oaiad
> m/java/xerces-2_4_0/xmlParserAPIs.jar:; export CLASSPATH ; java dom.Counter -v /
> var/tmp/Identifiers.amf.xml

Hi Thomas,

It is not a problem of your document; if I remember right, this happens
because of conflicting classes feeling responsible to do the parsing.
(I think from xalan or saxon).
Xerces worked for me again after I had installed the newest java by sun
and by removing any unneccessary classes from CLASSPATH. (maybe there are
some old ones in jre/lib/ext?

You can also download xsv directly and install locally. It works very

Greetings, Heinrich

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