[OAI-implementers] Release of CIMI XML Schema for SPECTRUM

Carl Lagoze lagoze@cs.cornell.edu
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 06:01:28 -0400

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CIMI News Release: October 15th, 2002
Release of CIMI XML Schema for SPECTRUM and Open Implementers Call for
Alpha Test Period

The CIMI Consortium (www.cimi.org) is pleased to announce the public
release of Version 1.5 of the CIMI XML Schema for SPECTRUM, and the
launch of an Open Implementers call to participate an Alpha Test Period.

The CIMI Schema will enable museums to encode rich descriptive
information relating to museum objects, including associated information
about people, places and events surrounding the history of museum
objects, as well as information about their management and use within
museums. The CIMI Schema will be useful for migrating data, the sharing
of information between applications, and as an interchange format for
OAI (Open Archives Initiative at www.openarchives.org) metadata

The CIMI Schema is based on the SPECTRUM, the data and collections
management standard for museum collections. SPECTRUM was developed by
(www.mda.org.uk) and has been widely implemented in museums

The Schema has been tested by CIMI members and data from a variety of
museum databases has been successfully encoded. Implementers from across
the museum and XML communities are now invited to review and/or use the
CIMI Schema in order that it can benefit from real-life use in projects.
This Alpha Test Period will encompass the following stages:

Stage 1	Freezing the CIMI Schema for use during the Alpha Test Period
June 2003, in order that implementers can make use of a stable product
and so that CIMI can gather feedback from its use.

Stage 2	After June 2003, CIMI intends to hold at least one Implementers'
Forum to evaluate feedback arising from the use of the CIMI Schema
during its first release and to address issues of how the community can
manage the ongoing extension and refinement of the CIMI Schema in the

Stage 3	Review of the Schema following the Implementers' Forum and
release of Version 2 of the Schema in November 2003.

The CIMI Schema and its supporting documentation are available for
at: http://www.cimi.org/wg/xml_spectrum/index.html.

Further information about the CIMI XML Schema for SPECTRUM and its
development is available at

Questions about the CIMI Schema can  be addressed to the CIMI XML
Project Manager, Alice Grant at agrant@alicegrant.com.

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