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And in addition to solutions offered by Heinrich and Jeff, see:


for an example of an OAI ver. 1.1 provider that uses ASP - ODBC - MS Access.
We've not yet posted the OAI 2.0 version of this, and of course your
database schema will undoubtedly be different, but this implementation may
give you some additional ideas.

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> I have just started to look in making my databases OAI compliant.
> I am currently running an image search engine which users use to search
> images and return results via a web page. All the pages are ASP with
> and JavaScript.
> The data is contained within a table in SQL server. What I am confused
> is, the table I am going to create for the metadata is going to contain
> duplicate data e.g. contributor, date added etc... as these are all
> to be displayed to user upon a search request.
> My basic understanding (which I think is wrong at the moment) is I'll have
> main table which houses all the data, then a smaller table which contains
> metadata about each record, which is in a valid XML format.
> Are there any other factors which I need to be aware of for my databases?
> I'm trying to comprehend the workings but it's not very clear.
> Thank you for you help.
> John
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