[OAI-implementers] The state of transition from NCSTRL --> OAI

Garey Mills gmills@library.berkeley.edu
Fri, 24 May 2002 09:41:08 -0700 (PDT)

Hello -

	I am in charge of an old NCSTRL node (UC Berkeley) that I moved
about 6 months ago to NCSTRL-Lite. 

	Every step I take in the process of converting is concerned with
getting away from the Dienst software, but I find I still need it.

	Our installation began with a substantial base of documents which
were entered into NCSTRL by scanning; now, we are dependent on the Dienst
thumbnail image -> full page image mapping functions.

	When we moved to NCSTRL-Lite, I managed to point the FTP URLs
required in the metadata to memoized Dienst pages, which allowed me to
continue to use the image mapping functions.

	My question is, what did other NCSTRL sites do? Did they just tar
up their images and let the users download them? are they using Eprints?
are they searching for document viewing options?

	If you are aware of any discussions taking place, I would be
grateful for pointers, or the addresses of anyone who
has had to go through the conversion process.

Any help would be appreciated;

Garey Mills
Library Systems Office