[OAI-implementers] dublin core clarification?

deridder deridder@cs.utk.edu
Fri, 10 May 2002 15:03:06 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, Kevin--

What you have said supports my understanding of the <about> tag 
"as a means to provide information regarding the origins of the metadata
part of the record".  

Let me see if I understand your position correctly:

If the item under discussion is an issue of a slavery-era local
newspaper, (such as our Emancipator set) the "publisher" and "rights"
fields are those that apply to the original newspaper;  "creator" would
perhaps be the company or editor; format would be (perhaps)
newsprint; "date" would be the date of original printing.

   Then, perhaps in the <about> tag section, information would be entered
such as current rights access to the digitized material;  publisher of the
digitzation;  creator of the digitized object;  date of digitization,
and here, format might be SGML and/or JPEG.

Thus, if the item under discussion were a book, the "identifier" in the
regular dc section would likely be the ISBN, whereas the "identifier" in
the "about" section would likely be the unique OAI identifier, the URL at
which the digitized object(s) could be viewed, a CORC ID, and so on.

Am I understanding you correctly?

And then if the oai_dc file were to be translated into a QUALIFIED Dublin
Core record, the information in the "about" tag section would somehow be
incorporated with the information in the rest of the file???

Thank you for your time and clarification.


Fri, 10 May 2002, Gladwell, Kevin wrote:

> In unqualified DC it's the original item.  You need richer metadata 
> to also include information about the digitized object.
> Kevin
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>  I know this is a simple and perhaps stupid question, but I'd rather
> *look* stupid than *be* stupid.  We have some confusion over here:
>  Do the Dublin Core elements describe the original item, or the
>     digitized objects made from that item?
> The DC webpages simply say all the elements refer to the "resource",
> but I'm not clear as to whether that "resource" is the digital one,
> or the  original item.
>  Example:
>    A multi-page letter, written in 1869, is the original document;
>    An SGML transcription with accompanying JPEGs for each page,
>       comprise the digitized object.
>  Does the "date" element refer to the creation of the digitized object,
>    or the date the letter was written?
>  Does the "creator" refer to the person who scanned the document and
>    transcribed its contents, or does it refer to the original author
>    of the letter?
>  Does the "format" list text/sgml and JPEGS, or simply text?  And
>    if this original document was an old JPEG about which metadata
>    was created, is the correct format JPEG and that metadata format?
>    Or just "photgraph"?
>  I have found we have a mix of both in our files at present, and I need
>  some clarity so I can clean up this mess and prevent future madness!!
>   (I would like my scripts and repository to be correct!!!)
> Thank you in advance!!!!
>    --jody
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