[OAI-implementers] XML records and RDF

Alan Kent ajk@mds.rmit.edu.au
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 14:16:38 +1100

I was looking at the feasibility of putting up a collection of
records using a scheme which is an extension of Dublin Core. However,
they have encoded the records using RDF rather than the simpler
OAI schema as used for Dublin Core records. (ie: lots of
<rdf:description> and <rdf:value> elements all over the place.)

The DC records included in appendex of the OAI 1.1 spec however
does not use RDF.

Just wondering if there was any reason for me not to return my
records using the RDF based schema? I could try and convert them
to the OAI DC schema as well (so available in both formats).
Just wondering if there was any wisdom here. (Eg: "we chose not
to use RDF based DC XML because...").

I am not an RDF expert by the way, so don't understand all the
subtlties that may be involved.

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