[OAI-implementers] New OAI crawl results in progress...

herbert van de sompel hvdsomp@yahoo.com
Sat, 02 Mar 2002 09:39:41 +0000


This looks like wonderful work!  A significant addition to the toolset
available for repositories to inspect their implementations.


herbert van de sompel

Alan Kent wrote:

> I have started up my new OAI crawler which does a few more sanity
> checks on data formats etc, automatically disables crawls from
> bad sites, and so on. The results page has moved (but is linked
> from the old manually generated page). The new page is:
>     http://www.mds.rmit.edu.au/~ajk/oai/interop/summary.htm
> If you site has been disbled, its because my end things you did
> something wrong. If you click on the link for your repository name,
> it will take you to a log of status messages and errors.
> At present, I regenerate the HTML pages using a script I run by
> hand so the results might not be 100% up to date when you view
> them. But they should be pretty accurate.
> I am now doing things like correctly supporting aggregators
> (sites where records coming back do not belong to that site).
> For example, I think the 'anu' site returns 'caltechEERL'
> records - even though I don't have any details about such
> a repository.
> After the crawler is a bit more robust, I may move the whole database
> outside our firewall so others can query it.
> Alan
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