[OAI-implementers] error reporting

Irina Dijour Irina.Dijour@exlibris.co.il
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:14:22 +0200

I have a small suggestion concerning error reporting.

We have several error codes in OAI 2.0 protocol ("badArgument",
"badResumptionToke" etc).
If I understand correctly, if none of these error codes fits for an error
that should be reported, 
the OAI data provider should return HTTP Error code "503 Service
1. If the OAI data provider uses HTTP Error code 503 it cannot specify what
exactly has happened.
    And sometimes it's useful.
2. There are situations when the OAI Data provider wants to report a
specific error for a specific record.
    I think that sending HTTP Error code 503 in this case is too general.

Therefore I propose to add additional error "unspecifiedError" (as it's done
in Z39.50 protocol). 
In the "error" element content OAI data provider may specify the error.


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