[OAI-implementers] XSD file for qualified DC

Ann Apps ann.apps@man.ac.uk
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:55:07 GMT1BST

Carl, Herbert,

I agree with Carl's proposal here. But I think that any XML schemas 
to cover citations should be based on the work Herbert is doing for 
OpenURL, rather than more of us cooking something up. Otherwise 
we would be in danger of duplicating effort again, and OpenURL is 
heading towards standardisation. Then we could include citation 
information within an openurl namespace in OAI-PMH, so we could 
have something like:

  <openurl:jtitle>Lecture Notes in Computer Science</openurl:jtitle>
  <openurl:atitle>Dublin Core Metadata for Electronic 

or wrapped by <dcterms:references> for references [and making 
assumptions about dcterms:citation, otherwise wrapped by 

Herbert, please correct me if I have got this wrong! I assume we 
could use an OpenURL namspace before it becomes a 'real' 
standard. And that we can do this as part of OpenURL version 1.0 
(because it would not have a resolver).

If we utilise an OpenURL schema, we can immediately do citations 
for more than just journal articles, such as conference papers, 
books and parts, patents, etc.

I think it would still need some agreement with DCMI, that the 
OpenURL schema could be used within the particular DC 
elements, but hopefully this would be acceptable because it 
doesn't depend on a DC structured value. [However I do still 
advocate a DCSV for the literal string citation, being less cryptic 
than OpenURL for human reading, but that is outside the scope of 

Best wishes,

Subject:        	RE: [OAI-implementers] XSD file for qualified DC
Date sent:      	Thu, 13 Jun 2002 14:53:48 -0400
From:           	"Carl Lagoze" <lagoze@cs.cornell.edu>
To:             	<ann.apps@man.ac.uk>,
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> Interesting discussions from all.  As Herbert points out in another
> mail, this is an opportunity for some interesting cooperative work.  I
> think we all agree that 'citation-type' metadata is useful.  Tim's
> example at
> http://citebase.eprints.org/cgi-bin/oai?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=
> dcq&identifier=oai:arXiv:hep-th/0102001 demonstrates how one might
> make available for harvesting not only the citation data for a
> resource but its list of references.  
> My personal perspective is that trying to shoehorn these requirments
> into the DC element structure is probably the wrong approach.  It
> relies on a notion of DC Structured Values, the status of which is
> pretty uncertain with in DCMI and for which there is no well-defined
> data model. It also seems to take the approach of DC as a root format
> on which to build further expressive structrues, rather than as one
> metadata format among many. Wouldn't a better approach be to exploit
> the reality we now have realized in OAI: that is, availability of
> multiple parallel metadata formats?  SHouldn't citation and reference
> metadata be packaged as a metadata format parallel to DC (qualified or
> unqualified)?  Sure there is some duplication of information with DC
> (e.g., yes a citation has a title) but, taking the view that the
> metadata format exposed for harvesting is just a database view, I
> don't think that this is really a relevant argument.
> So, a proposal.  Let's move this reference/citations metadata
> requirement out from under the notion of 'application profile' for DC
> or qualifiers for DC and see if there can be some agreement on a good
> XML schema (profile) for making this information harvestable via
> OAI-PMH.  
> Probably if people like Tim and Ann put there heads together on this,
> possibly with the contributions of Simeon Warner and Thomas Krickel,
> we could come up with something that could fit into a revised version
> of the OAI implementation guidelines document.
> Carl
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