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Francois Schiettecatte francois@fsconsult.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 08:14:28 -0400


First, apologies if you get this message twice.

We just wanted to update everyone as to the progress of the my.OAI Search

We have just deployed a number of updates as follows:

- Added account creation, you can now create you own accounts should you
wish to, this will give you access to your own search history, saved
searches, document folders and preferences. You can also set saved searches
to run on a regular basis to alert you, via email, of new content as it is
added to the databases. We should point out that we update the databases
once a week, so you will get updates once a week at most, even if you set
the saved search to run daily.

- For those of you who donšt want to create an account, you can access the
search interface as a guest user.

- Search terms are now highlighted in both the summary and the documents.

- We have added two buttons to the search form to allow you to select and
de-select all the databases with a single click.

- We have added extensive help on how to search the databases.

- We have added direct links to the documents in the search results if there
are any external links, for example, all arXiv abstracts contain links which
point back to the actual document stored in arXiv, so you can get to those
documents from the search results rather than have to display the document
first. Likewise all links and email addresses embedded in the abstracts are
converted to HTML links.

The URL to the search engine is:


As always, we welcome feedback, suggestions, comments, critiques, etc...

Best regards