[OAI-implementers] usefulness of free text fields

Hickey,Thom hickey@oclc.org
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 10:47:55 -0400

I would agree that a free text field about rights to metadata is not useful.
I expect that a few levels could probably be made to work, although I'd stay
away from rights to the object pointed at.  That doesn't seem like where OAI
should be concentrating.

On the other hand, why are you publishing the metadata if you don't want it
used?  The best way to control rights will be by who you let into your
server and if it's a public server it would seem there is an expectation
that it may be consolidated by others into larger catalogs.


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to reinforce Glen's concerns, i advocated something almost identical on
the general mailing list last week (and got no responses) ... i think
its wise to deal with this issue before it becomes a problem ...

Glen, i like your idea of a controlled code table but i think it needs
to be worked on a bit more (generalize the codes, aim for subset
relations, handle both metadata and objects, figure out cleanest
non-overlapping encoding) ... should we forward this to the OAI Tech
Committee for a solution ? alternatively, any takers out there for a
"task force" to come up with a proposal to deal with this ?


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