[OAI-implementers] OAI for multimedia data

Karim Boughida KBoughida@getty.edu
Mon, 02 Jul 2001 17:49:48 -0700

Hi Alison and Hussein,

At the Getty Research Institute, we are investigating OAI and we are more likely to use VRA than CIMI... we will be delighted if we could work collaboratively to develop a schema based on VRA... The Getty has a long expertise in building metadata. The VRA itself is a some kind of spinoff from the CDWA (known as the Getty vocabularies and other standard authorities like AAT, ULAN, etc.).

Karim Boughida

>>> Hussein Suleman <hussein@vt.edu> 07/02/01 05:27PM >>>

Alison Stevenson wrote:
> I am investigating the possibility of implementing the OAI Metadata
> Harvesting Protocol as part of the ARTISTE project (www.artisteweb.org).
> ...
> I understand from Lagoze & de Sompel's paper that the OAI is encouraging the
> development of community-specific harvestable metadata sets and wonder if
> any proposals for such sets targeted at the museum/gallery community have
> been made? Is anyone else working with OAI in this area at the moment? I
> would be very interested to hear from you and perhaps to co-operate on the
> development of a metadata set.

do you have any thoughts on what this metadata format will look like ?

have you seen the work done by CIMI ? (http://www.cimi.org/wg/metadata/)
- essentially they are encoding Dublin Core for this purpose ...

the only other alternative i have encountered is VRA's Core Categories -
something that we use locally at VT for a large image library project in
the library ... however, as far as i know there is no XML
representation/schema yet ... if you want to go this route, i may be
interested in helping to develop an XML representation/schema

> I have one other small query. Is there a way to discover which strings are
> already in use as unique repoIDs?

theres a list at http://oaisrv.nsdl.cornell.edu/Register/BrowseSites.pl 


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