[OAI-implementers] 2/27/01 - Curious and Interested

Gorden-Ozgul, Patricia E gorden@bnl.gov
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:12:55 -0500

Forgive me the cross-posting to the general list, but I fear I shall get no
response from there.
I haven't seen anything coming through it.

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> Subject:	2/27/01 - Curious and Interested
> Hello OAI-General List:
> I'm looking for some information in general 'layman's terms' what your
> organization is doing with regard to exchange of scholarly writings.
> Let me explain myself.  Perhaps that may give a clue about where my
> questions originate.  I am wondering if our organization, Brookhaven
> National Laboratory and specifically our Information Services Division
> (ISD which encompasses the Research Library where I work),  might either
> benefit from participation in what you are doing or might be a pertinent
> information source for you.
> I am not a librarian, nor am I a scientist.  I am a systems specialist who
> works with relational databases in a research library.  Part of my
> function is to maintain a repository of both metadata and content of
> various publications related to the pursuit of federally-funded research
> and development activities.  I work with both UNIX and NT based systems;
> I've worked extensively in data manipulation activities to include UNIX
> utilities, perl, cgi scripting in shell and perl, SGML and HTML.   I've
> dabbled with XML.  I understand the concepts of DTDs and parsing.  I
> partially understand your specification from the protocol for metadata
> harvesting.  I've read much at your site.
> Would someone be able to provide me with an outline of how OAI might be of
> benefit to us?   Or how we might contribute?  Have you a public affairs
> representative perhaps?
> I appreciate any and all information you might provide.
> Thank you.
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> Pat Gorden-Ozgul               BNL-ISD Systems
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