[OAI-implementers] OAI -- some issues

Leigh Dodds ldodds@ingenta.com
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 10:42:53 -0000

>  - data harvesting (the scheme of harvesting data  periodically, or by some
>  other ways ). The data harvesting mechanism is working in a  passive mode
>  (right?) It seems that if the number of data providers goes  big, the
> bandwidth and time for updating metadata may be an issue to consider, 
> correct?

A related question is are there any guidelines on how often a service provider 
could/should harvest content from a particular data provider. As the number 
of service providers increases, the load on the data provider's servers/bandwidth 
could get quite large. Seems like there will be a large overhead on the initial 
harvest that a servicer makes from a given data provider as well 
(ongoing harvests can be time-delimited).

A means for a data provider to be able to regulate when content should be 
harvested, (e.g. in the early hours of the morning), or request a frequency for 
repeated harvests (e.g. no more frequent than every 12 hours) might be 
something to consider.