[OAI-implementers] XML Schema for OAI compliance with NSDL harvesting

Stuart Chalk schalk@unf.edu
Sun, 9 Dec 2001 06:35:01 -0500 (EST)

I would like to thank all of you that were at the meeting talking
about harvesting and OAI.  Being a novice at this I appreciate how well
the area of OAI was described and I now have a much better perspective on
its use and implementation.

My question, I hope, is simple. From reading
I get that I need to generate a few files that describe the different
schema for supplying metadata via OAI.  I also see the formatted XML that
needs to be returned to the requester.  My question is - is there yet an
NSDL format for the data returned via XML, and what are the minimum number
of schema files I need to generate so that I can support NSDL harvesting
via OAI?  If they do exist where are they and is there a help file that
goes with them?

Any help greatly appreciated.

On a separate topic - is there a list like this for discussion of the
hardware and software being used to serve the collection data?  As
webmaster of the "Analytical Sciences Digital Library" project I want to
use Mac OS X, Webstar V, Lasso Pro 5, and Filemaker Pro 5.5 all on the
same Mac.  I am convinced that this will be both powerful enough and
scalable enough my co-PIs are worried I will run into trouble using this
for production.  Any places to go greatly appreciated also.

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