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Van de Sompel, Herbert Herbert.VandeSompel@bl.uk
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hi Leigh,

This issue is currently being discussed by the oai-tech group, as part of
the ongoing revision/stabilization of the metadata harvesting protocol.  we
hope to conclude that work with the release of a version 2.0 of the protocol
around April/May 2002.

it would be good to hear from other implementers on this list whether they
see the need to allow for other schema languagues for metadata containers in
the protocol.


herbert van de sompel

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Is there any expectation that other schema languages will be
supported by OAI? E.g. by extending the ListMetadataFormats
request to allow an schema language identifier in the metadataFormat



This might be used to supply schemas in multiple formats for a given
metadataPrefix, or use alternatives to XML Schema.

On the surface this doesn't seem to harm interoperability, as W3C XML
could still be maintained as the primary schema format, while supporting
other options if necessary.

(In any case the particular XML schema referenced may actually contain
a mixture of schema languages, using the annotation mechanism.)



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