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Wed Apr 9 08:04:55 EDT 2008

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Dear OAI-General subscribers,

I am happy to announce the 13th edition of our annual summer
school on the digital library:

This year, we have two course modules which relate to OAI.

* Module 4 (Libraries - Partners in Research and Open Access) offers
presentations by David Prosser (worldwide OAI developments), Peter
Murray-Rust (repositories and research data), Vanessa Proudman
(populating repositories), and Martin Reid (legal aspects of

* Module 5b (Put Yourself in the DRIVER's Seat - Practical Training
for Building a European Repository Network) aims at repository
managers or data aggregators who are (or are considering to become)
part of the DRIVER community. It assists them to implement the DRIVER
Guidelines and to integrate with the DRIVER community.

Also, Herbert Van de Sompel will lecture on OAI-ORE in module 2.

Kind regards,

Jola Prinsen

Digital Libraries à la Carte

Modular, International Digital Library Course
Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 25-29 August 2008

Ticer's new, modular course for librarians and publishers
"Digital Libraries à la Carte" will be held at Tilburg
University, The Netherlands, 25-29 August 2008.

>From its 'menu' of seven one-day modules (some held in parallel
on the same day), you can pick your choice:
* Module 1: Strategic Developments and Library Management
* Module 2: Technological Developments - Threats and
* Module 3a: Hands-on - Library 2.0
* Module 3b: Change - Making it Happen in Your Library
* Module 4: Libraries - Partners in Research and Open Access
* Module 5a: Libraries - Partners in Teaching and Learning
* Module 5b: Put Yourself in the DRIVER's Seat - Practical
  Training for Building a European Repository Network

Some subjects covered
* Scholars - their behaviour and workflow
* Marketing research libraries
* Performance and outcome measures
* Library automation challenges
* Intelligent catalogues
* MESUR project - scholarly usage data
* OAI Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE)
* Libraries in Second Life
* Change management
* Open Access
* Research data
* Institutional repositories
* The library's educational role
* Information literacy
* Librarian faculty and teaching faculty collaboration
* Physical learning spaces
* Practical training in the DRIVER environment

Top speakers will present their views. Below is just a small
* Stephen Abram, Vice President Innovation, SirsiDynix, was
  listed by Library Journal as one of their first "Movers and
* Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and
  Research at Vanderbilt University, is creator and editor of
  the Library Technology Guides
* Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard is Director of Development at
  the Aarhus State and University Library in Denmark, where
  the Summa integrated search interface is being developed
* Barbara Galik is Executive Director at Bradley University,
  US and involved in many educational activities in Second
* Wendy P. Lougee, University librarian and McKnight
  Presidential Professor at the University of Minnesota, has
  engaged her library in significant assessments of scholarly
* Roswitha Poll is an internationally acknowledged expert in
  the field of performance and outcome measures
* David Prosser, as Director of SPARC Europe, is much sought-
  after speaker on Open Access
* Christina Tovoté, Pedagogical Developer at Stockholm
  University Library, is responsible for the integration of
  information literacy in university courses
* Jan Wilkinson, University Librarian and Director at The
  University of Manchester, has chaired very successful change
  management courses at Ticer before
* Alex Wright is Writer and Information Architect and authored
  "Glut: Mastering Information Through the Ages"

To guarantee a highly interactive programme, the number of
participants is limited, lectures contain an interactive
component, and two modules offer hands-on sessions in a
computer room. The course is recommended by JISC, DEFF -
Denmark's Electronic Research Library, CBU/KUB - the conference
of university libraries in Switzerland, NFF - the Norwegian
Association of Special Libraries, the DRIVER II project, and
The Helsinki University Libraries.

The course website can be found at

If you register before 1 June 2008, you will get a €150
discount. There are special discounts for DRIVER II
participants and associates.

	A profound update in just one to five days?
	 Then Tilburg is the place to be this summer!

Further information
Ms Jola Prinsen
Manager Ticer
Tilburg University
Library and IT Services
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 13 466 8310
Fax  +31 13 466 8383
jola.prinsen at uvt.nl

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