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Jean-Yves Le Meur jeanyves at mail.cern.ch
Wed Sep 27 07:53:45 EDT 2006

 	Dear Richard,

 	Thanks for your precisions and for a possible amendment to the 
text concerning CDS Invenio.
 	Please note my remark was mostly motivated by the fact that you 
have done a good work for Eprints, DSpace and Fedora so that we at CDS 
would have liked to see Invenio evaluated in the same way.

 	With best regards,

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, Wyles, Richard wrote:

> Thank-you Jean-Yves, There has never been any intent to justify by 
> misleading. Our motivations have been to determine the right solution 
> for our specific project. Inherently, in these types of reports, there 
> will be a measure of subjective observations. We will re-visit the 
> points you raise and amend the narrative as appropriate. Please note 
> that this report does have a Creative Commons Share Alike License if you 
> also wish to add to, amend or reuse parts.
> regards
> Richard Wyles
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> 	In this report is stated:
> -----------------
> CDSware (now recently changed to CDS Invenio) has been excluded from
> the in-depth analysis for the following reasons
> It has extremely complex installation steps. These steps can be seen here:
>            http://cdsware.cern.ch/download/INSTALL
> CDSware also does not have a good community around it. The mailing
> list has had very limited traffic since 2002, which indicates that this
> project may have sustainability issues going forward:
> http://cdsware.cern.ch/lists/project-cdsware-users/archive/date.shtml
> ----------------
>         These two statements about CDS Invenio are not correct.
> Understanding that the authors may have wanted to narrow the field of
> study to make the task easier, they should not have justified this using
> false statements which would misguide the community.
>         About the first point, the "complex installation" instructions:
> they are mostly full and explicit details for the curious or novice
> sysadmin.  The impatient installer is simply directed to 20 lines of
> instructions in the middle.
>         About the second point, the community around Invenio: the adopter
> community is growing, as is the developer community which is now wider
> that just the CERN site with formal collaboration established with EPFL
> and many other contributions world-wide. The developper listbox is very
> active but the authors of the report did not subscribe to it... The
> authors of the report also missed the 'Demo' link where quite a few sites
> using Invenio are linked to; among them are the biggest OAI data provider
> in terms of number of documents...
> 	It is a pity to write such a report without taking into account
> one of the biggest and most used Open Source Repository software. At
> least, the exclusion of CDS Invenio from the study should not be justified
> by misleading arguments.
> 		Jean-Yves Le Meur.
> On Fri, 15 Sep 2006, Wyles, Richard wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We have just finished a report on open source OMI-PMH compliant systems.
>> https://eduforge.org/docman/view.php/131/1062/Repository%20Evaluation%20Document.pdf
>> The project is at https://eduforge.org/projects/oarinz/
>> It is early in the project but if you would like to know anything further please let me know.
>> regards
>> Richard Wyles
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