[OAI-general] Announcing "A Survey of Digital Library Aggregation Services"

David Seaman dseaman@clir.org
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 07:46:09 -0500

***Cross-posted announcement -- apologies for duplication***

"A Survey of Digital Library Aggregation Services."  
By Martha L. Brogan. 
Digital Library Federation, Council on Library and Information Resources:
Washington DC, December 2003.

[And available in print, 1st quarter 2004]

This 100-page report, commissioned by the DLF, provides an overview of a
diverse set of more than thirty digital library aggregation services,
organizes them into functional clusters, and then evaluates them more fully
from the perspective of an informed user. Most of the services under review
rely wholly or partially on the Protocol for Metadata Harvesting of the Open
Archives Initiative (OAI-PMH). Each service is annotated with its
organizational affiliation, subject coverage, function, audience, status,
and size. Critical issues surrounding each of these elements are presented
in order to provide the reader with an appreciation of the nuances inherent
in seemingly straightforward factual information, such as "audience" or

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