[OAI-general] RSS Feed Form the UIUC OAI Registry

Thomas G. Habing thabing@uiuc.edu
Wed, 05 Nov 2003 10:16:51 -0600

Hi all,

I've just added an RDF Site Summary (RSS) feed to the OAI registry at UIUC. 
  The URL for the RSS feed is http://gita.grainger.uiuc.edu/registry/rss.asp 
This may be useful for people who are trying to keep track of the latest and 
greatest OAI providers.  The RSS feed will list the 10 most recently added 
or modified repositories.  This is something I just threw together without 
knowing too much about RSS, so if anyone discovers any problems please let 
me know.

Last night I also ran my gOAIglePop script.  This script programatically 
does some Google searches, looking for OAI repositories.  If it finds a URL 
which appears to be an OAI repository it issues an Identify request.  If it 
gets a valid response, its found a repository.  The results of the script 
run can be found at http://gita.grainger.uiuc.edu/registry/gOAIgle.xml The 
latest run found three previously unknown repositories (at least to the 
registry).  If anyone is interested, the best Google query I've found for 
finding OAI repositories is 'allinurl:verb=Identify'.  Type this into the 
Google query textbox and press Search.

Comments are welcome and enjoy...

Thomas Habing
Research Programmer, Digital Library Projects
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
155 Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, MC-274
thabing@uiuc.edu, (217) 244-4425