[OAI-general] An OAI implementation of the NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS)

Michael Nelson mln@cs.odu.edu
Wed, 28 May 2003 17:00:37 -0400 (EDT)


The NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS; http://ntrs.nasa.gov/) has been
reimplemented and now uses the OAI-PMH. The OAI-based version replaces the
former distributed-searching based NTRS.  NTRS is a public service that
provides access to "unclassified, unlimited" NASA-authored scientific and
technical information.  In addition, NTRS also harvests from a select
number of non-NASA OAI repositories.  In total, NTRS holds > 540k metadata

NTRS is also an OAI-PMH aggregator and re-exports its holdings.  The
baseURL for NTRS is http://ntrs.nasa.gov/.

The development of NTRS was sponsored by the NASA Scientific and Technical
Information Program Office.  For additional information, please contact me
or JoAnne Rocker (Joanne.Rocker@nasa.gov).



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