[OAI-general] removal from the mailing list

khasiah853@salam.uitm.edu.my khasiah853@salam.uitm.edu.my
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 08:02:03 +0800

Please remove me too. thanks...

                      nitin salvi                                                                                       
                      <nitinvibha@yahoo.com>                To:                                                         
                      Sent by:                              cc:                                                         
                      oai-general-admin@oaisrv.nsdl.        Subject:  [OAI-general] removal from the mailing list       
                      28/02/2003 04:52 PM                                                                               


please remove me from the OAI general & also implementers mailing list.

nitin salvi

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