[OAI-general] Announcing DSTC's MetaSuite 4.0 product release

Stephen Crawley crawley@dstc.edu.au
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 15:43:34 +1000


DSTC is pleased to announce the Release 4.0 of our MetaSuite product
family for managing Dublin Core and similar metadata.  Products include:

  *  HotMeta - a web-enabled metadata repository and query engine,
     and associated metadata indexing, harvesting and maintenance
  *  MetaEdit - a validating schema-based metadata editor for use
     with Hotmeta and stand-alone, 
  *  MetaSchema - a metadata schema compiler for creating custom
     metadata schemas, and
  *  MetaSaurus - a tool for generating "browse tree" web pages 
     from subject thesauri.

The key new features in the MetaSuite 4.0 release are as follows.

  *  The HotMeta metadata repository now supports for OAI-PMH,
     allowing a HotMeta installation to be configured as an 
     OAI 2.0 Repository.
  *  HotMeta now has support for incremental harvesting of metadata
     from OAI 2.0 Repositories.
  *  HotMeta now includes a GUI-based tool for creating and managing 
     an OAI repository register, an OAI harvesting schedule, and 
     a log of past OAI harvests.
  *  MetaSaurus can now generate browse trees for ISO 2788 thesaurii,
     including support for synonyms and related terms.

For more information, please refer to the DSTC website:


Evaluation copies of MetaSuite may be downloaded from this page:


-- Steve

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