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Thu, 14 Feb 2002 19:11:54 +0000

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    EPRINTS Version 2.0 Released          14th Feb, 2002

We are proud to announce the official release of version 2 
of the EPrints software for building online archives.

EPrints 2 creates a web based archive, containing 
documents and metadata.


* OAI 1.1 Compliant

* Efficient word-indexed searching

* Support for mulitple archives on one server

* Much improved user interface, learning from experiences
  of version 1

* The system is internationalised, and uses unicode 
  throughout. (XML config files + language phrase files)

* Free Software (GPL)

* Object Oriented Design and API which allows addition
  of in house modules, scripts and other functionality

* Fully customisable

* Fixes common complaints about eprints v1

   - Nifty installation, (eprints 1 required make and 
     configure, eprints 2 does not)

   - Web based registration, where you are emailed a pin -
     eprints 2 does not need to receive email

For more infomation see:

For a demo see:

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 EPrints Community site is ready for use: 

 It's brand new. Add Stuff.


 Budapest Open Access Initiative

 "The OSI Information Program is committing funding of 1 
  million US dollars per year for three years in support 
  of open access projects."

 ...which is nice, and may be relevant to you.




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