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Open Archives meeting: Developing an agenda for institutional e-print
Wednesday 11th July, 2000
The Institute of Mechanical Engineers, No. 1 Birdcage Walk, London
Coordinated by UKOLN
On behalf of the DNER and CURL, UKOLN is coordinating a
one day Open Archives event on Wednesday 11th July  which will take place in
London at The Institute of Mechanical Engineers, No. 1 Birdcage Walk,
(Registration instructions can be found at the end of this message)

This event will provide background to open archive activity currently
taking place in the UK and beyond, and will consider implications for the
HE and FE sectors in the UK. The focus of the event is for institutions to
help set an agenda and contribute to shaping future open archive activity
in the UK.  The DNER wishes to raise awareness of open archive activity
currently taking place and consult with the community regarding any future
support that is required.  The event will aim to identify key issues from
an institutional viewpoint, looking at the dual roles of metadata provider
and service provider.

Initial work undertaken by the e-print community to ensure
interoperability between e-print archives has been taken forward by the
Open Archive Initiative (OAI) in a wider context. The OAI is concerned
with opening access to a range of digital material by providing an
interoperable framework for metadata and service provision. The Open
Archives Initiative is intent on exploring and developing an interoperable
technological framework to support this activity thereby opening up access
to a range of digital materials. At present the first step has been taken
with the provision of the Open Archive Metadata Protocol which enables
organisations to 'declare' metadata and service providers to 'harvest'
that metadata.

There is significant potential for re-using the pattern of service
provision initially developed by the e-print community, in a wider context
to include provision of data by a range of organisations, whether at the
level of individual authors, departments, or institutions. In addition
libraries and  publishers may want to consider their role in the OAI
interoperability framework. The DNER and CURL have an interest in
exploring the benefits of the open archives approach as a low cost means
to disseminate content  now 'hidden' in learning and research institutions

Target audience:
This meeting is for individuals who have a particular interest in the future
of open archives. The event will aim for about 80-100 attendees.
If you would like to attend please return the booking form at

The workshop is being funded by the DNER. Meals and refreshments during the
workshop are covered, attendees are responsible for their own travel costs.
The workshop programme is currently in draft format and can be seen at

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