[Orechem] Action items from November 6 conference call

Carl Lagoze clagoze at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 13:03:21 EST 2009

Our discussion on our teleconference on November 6 lead to the  

1. The framework described in my original wiki posting is workable as  
a first step prototype. We will iron out the details when we meet face- 

2. The Southhampton and Cambridge teams will jointly work out how to  
plug in the chemAxiom ontology and hang it off the ontology that I  

3. I will correct the atom feed example fixing the problem that Jim  
Downing pointed out with one of the entries having RDF triples that  
are not wrapped in a proper tag.

4. I will describe how to use RFC 5005 in a document early next week.

5. Penn State folks will send to me early next week a list of  
additional items that they need encoded in the vocabulary. I will turn  
that around with enhancement of the ontology early next week

6. We will have a follow-up phone call at noon Eastern time on Friday,  
November 20 to review our progress (i.e. by that point we all should  
have tried to implement this) and talk about how to make the next step  
so we have an actual workflow going by the December 5, sixth meeting.

In the meantime, let's make sure to get all questions we have out  
there on the mail list and in the wiki so we can share information and  
enhance the experiment as quickly as possible.

Thanks again, Carl

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