[OAI-implementers] OAI-PMH for Nesstar Servers

Ricco Førgaard ricco.madsen at nsd.uib.no
Fri Jun 10 03:18:29 EDT 2011


We at Nesstar have implemented the OAI-PMH protocol to work with Nesstar
servers and recently released the first beta version to the public.

The implementation can disseminate studies from one Nesstar server in
both Dublin Core and DDI metadata formats and so far we have implemented
the methods Identify, GetRecord, ListIdentifiers, and
ListMetadataFormats which should be enough to get started.

The package is a regular war file you can deploy to Tomcat or similar
application server. It's even possible to dump the package in an
existing Nesstar server next to its own web interface.

The server only uses methods from the new public Nesstar API
(http://nesstar.com/software/public_api.html) so if you want, you can
write your own OAI-PMH server for Nesstar.

If you're interested, read more and download the package here:

Note that this is still beta software and there may be some bugs. Any
feedback would be appreciated!

Ricco Førgaard
Norwegian Social Science Data Services
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