[OAI-implementers] ListRecords request w/out an until..

Benjamin Anderson benanderson.us at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 09:09:34 EST 2011


I'm wondering what others are doing when a ListRecords request w/out an
until comes in.  Consider this scenario:

t0 - harvest request (with no until) is initiated
t1 - record 101 is added to the repo
t2 - harvest is finished (it took multiple requests to complete)

Should record 101 be included in the harvest data?  If not, will the client
better issue their next harvest with a from=t0 (a from=t2 would be invalid
because they'd miss out on record 101).

We have implemented both oai-pmh harvesters and providers, so I have to
consider both ends of this.  Here's what I'm thinking...

As a Provider
I will simply lock the repo so that the above scenario can't happen.  If
someone is already harvesting (there exist unexpired resumptionTokens) then
I will not update the repository.

As a Harvester
I will always use the until parameter with the value of the time the harvest
was initially started.

I think this keeps me clear of any problems.  Anyone else have thoughts or
care to share your solutions?

Ben Anderson
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