[OAI-implementers] first collection - getting data and config files in order

anson parker ansondparker at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 14:42:56 EST 2010

Hi - I'm setting up my first oai server using greenstone 3 - I'm testing the
oai http://www.openarchives.org/Register/ValidateSite tool and running in to
errors with my server that is running here

specifically ListIdentifiers is bugging on me... i'm not certain what
exactly i need to tell OAI...

has anyone on here done this?  also - my metadata didn't previously have
dc.Identifier values, so i've mapped the unique page values over.... is that
an error also?  are there required formats for dc.Identifier values?

my goal is to migrate the metadata and files over to dspace (running here - for anyone interested it's a dspace
virtual machine - just built it with dspace 1.6 on linux mint, and if anyone
wants to host a jumpstart machine let me know... i'm working from a dsl

Thank you for any general pointers you may have,

ansondparker (skype)
ansondparker (crossloop.com)
Rock on
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