[OAI-implementers] How to declare a repository

Thomas G. Habing thabing at illinois.edu
Mon May 11 11:44:22 EDT 2009

Hi Torsten,

I would consider using the CGI PATHINFO variable instead of using a 
query string to differentiate your repositories.  This is what the OAI 
static gateway protocol uses, where you essentially have one script that 
is servicing multiple repositories.  Your URLs would look like this:


Kind regards,
Tom Habing

Torsten Schassan wrote:
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> Hello,
> ...Houston, we've got a problem: We thought it would be sufficient to
> implement *one* baseURL for many repositories we have. Thus we defined a
> baeURL with the repositories name as parameter
> http://dbs.hab.de/oai/?repository=WDB_OPAC
> All parameters (key=value pairs) are added to that base url as
> *additional* parameters, concatenated by "&" instead of "?" if they were
> the only ones.
> Is this really faulty or should harvesters add another way of trying to
> get our content? How do others solve the "problem"? mod_rewrite the baseURL?
> Best, Torsten
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