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Thomas Berger thb-oai-implementers at lists.gymel.com
Wed Jan 28 06:32:56 EST 2009

Thomas Fischer wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if there are specific rules regarding the structure and
> exhibition of set membership for single items.
> I am dealing with sets
> - dnb:sg510
> - dnb:online
> - dnb:online:sg510
> - dnb:online:dissertations
> - dnb:online:dissertations:sg510
> and was wondering if all set memberships should be included in the record,
> e.g. if for an element of dnb:online:sg510 membership in
> dnb:online:dissertations:sg510 should be recorded.

":" designates a general filtering hierarchy, not the special one
you might get when intersecting more and more simple sets named
"dnb", "sg510" and so on (of course, *I* know the filter hierarchy
in the repository you're taking your example from are constructed
exactly this way    ;-)   .

Thus "sg510" in "dnb:online:sg510" is (in the OAI set sense) in
no way related to the "sg510" in "dnb:online:dissertations:sg510"
or "dnb:sg510" from your example. And any (hypothetical) permutation
of the components of "dnb:online:dissertations:sg510" would yield
potentially unrelated sets (assuming they are provided at all by
the repository).

The only thing implicit is that by the filter hierarchy both
"dnb:online:sg510" and "dnb:online:dissertations:sg510" are
members of their common supersets "dnb:online" and "dnb", these two
(and also "dnb:online:dissertations") should not be included in the record.

viele Gruesse
Thomas Berger

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