[OAI-implementers] ITESO data providers adjusments

Enrique Martínez Zuñiga enrique at iteso.mx
Fri Feb 27 14:01:56 EST 2009

Hi everybody!
I've been making some adjustments with our data providers, so we need an entry to be removed from the registry of data providers as it was merged with the general body, and to update the URL of other three. We'll keep forwarding of the old addresses to the new server with the intent to not disrupt the harvest of metadata. 
We would like to keep the original date of registration intact if possible, does anyone know who can help me update to the Registered Data Providers list?
Please update your links according to the next list and re-harvest:
To be removed (as is has merged whit the next in the list):
"Fondo Xavier Clavigero, S.J." de la Biblioteca "Dr Jorge Villalobos Padilla, S.J." del Iteso
And to be updated:
Acervo General de la biblioteca "Dr Jorge Villalobos Padilla, S.J." del ITESO 
Update to <> 
Update to
Documentacion en Ciencias de la Comunicacion
Update to http://ccdoc.iteso.mx/oai.aspx
I'm grateful for any help.
Best regards.
Enrique Martínez Zúñiga
Analista Programador
Sistemas de Información
Biblioteca - ITESO
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