[OAI-implementers] New package for OAI Tools page

Scott Yeadon scott.yeadon at anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 25 22:05:31 EDT 2008


As promised in a previous post, we have completed an initial version of 
what we call a Harvester Service. It is a Java servlet web application 
providing HTTP services (via servlets) for scheduling and managing 
harvests and builds on OCLC's Harvester2 package. The package makes no 
assumptions about its operating environment thus allowing it to be 
deployed within existing application structures. More detailed 
information is contained in the documentation.

Note the URL provided below points to a page containing a PDF user/tech 
guide and test docs as well as the downloadable software package. An 
install guide is included in the distribution. Comprehensive javadocs 
can be built from the distribution.

Descriptive text for OAI Tools site as follows:

Tool: Harvester Service 
Implementer: The Australian National University (http://www.anu.edu.au)
Description:The Harvester Service is an open source OAI-PMH harvesting 
application based on OCLC's OAIHarvester2. It is a deployable webapp 
running under Tomcat providing harvest scheduling and management 
services for use by external applications. It also supports deployment 
of custom harvest classes for tailored processing on request and 
response data.

Hope it comes in useful to someone!


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