[OAI-implementers] Question about deleted records

Josh Santelli santelli at umich.edu
Fri Jul 25 11:07:13 EDT 2008


My understanding (someone correct me if this is wrong) is that if a  
record is deleted then made available again it can retain the same  
identifier.  There may be no evidence that the record was ever  
deleted.  The key here is to update the timestamp each time the record  
status changes.

When I read the spec, my interpretation of "full history of deletions"  
for persistent is that you must always show a deleted record for  
anything that was ever deleted in your repository.  I do not think you  
have to provide a history of each time a record was deleted.  This is  
in contrast with "transient" in that a deleted record can just go away  
any time the data provider wants to get rid of it.


On Jul 24, 2008, at 6:00 PM, Lisa M. Brooks wrote:

> Hi all -
> Due to the help and support received from folks on this list, our  
> data provider has been up and running for several months with just  
> one hiccup in service. So, first: thanks!
> Now I have a question about deleted records.  We started up our  
> service without any support for deleted records (<deletedRecord>no</ 
> deletedRecord>).  However, I'm realizing that this was short-sighted  
> and now want to support deletions. But I'm a little confused as to  
> how to proceed.
> We are an archive of research listings. People who contribute to our  
> archive get a free account and log into that to add and subsequently  
> maintain their listings. They do have the ability to make a listing  
> "unavailable". As well, if there's a problem with a listing we can  
> "unapprove" it. Either of these actions takes the listing off-line.   
> When either action occurs, I plan to update our data provider and  
> swap out the record in question with a record signifying a deletion  
> which is essentially what either of these actions translates into.
> I understand that my choices are persistent  
> <deletedRecord>persistent</deletedRecord>, or transient  
> <deletedRecord>transient</deletedRecord>. I'd like to go with  
> persistent, but does that mean that I have to maintain a record of  
> every single time someone makes their record unavailable and then  
> makes it available again in our database (this doesnt' happen a ton,  
> but does happen often enough to be a concern)?  Also I'm not finding  
> anything online letting me know what data is needed to show all of  
> these records deletions -- how would I get that info to any of our  
> harvesters?
> I just switched us from "no" to "transient" which seems a little  
> less, well, daunting. So we start deletions tonight. But would like  
> some clarification re: exactly what the technical requirements are  
> to share our data through persistent data provider.
> Any insight, ideas, help -- much appreciated!
> ~Lisa
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