[OAI-implementers] Granularity in Identity and Responses

Somogyi Tamás somogyit at freemail.hu
Wed Mar 14 06:44:24 EDT 2007


As the best of my knowledge the Identify/granularity means
the highest granularity that can be used either
1) in the from and until arguments of ListRecords or
2) in the datestamps of the records.
Smaller granularity can be used of course.

There is no any connection between 
1) the granularity of the response date given by the server
in all OAI response headers and
2) the datestamps used in the records. 


> Hi,
> A quick question. Apologies in advance if it is covered in
the specs or
> the guidelines, but I couldn't find anything about it.
> My question:
> If the Identify response gives:
> <granularity>YYYY-MM-DD</granularity> 
> then do all other responses (responseDate and record
header datestamp)
> have to be to this granularity, or can they be expressed
with a higher
> granularity?
> Thanks,
> Stuart

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