AW: [OAI-implementers] Designating as Peer Review

Thomas Fischer fischer at
Wed Jun 13 10:37:33 EDT 2007

> In the ePrints AP information about peer-reviewed status is 
> carried in the eprint:status property 
> ( using the Eprints 
> Status Vocabulary
> us_Vocabulary_Encoding_Scheme
> Status and Type are intentionally separated.
> Andy

I see, and this makes sense as this property is essentially independent of
the type.
(Sorry I missed that.)
But this brings us back to the initial question: How to encode this in DC
simple for the OAI-PMH?
Could one add "; peer-reviewed" to whatever is contained in the type field?
Anything like "dc.description.peerreviewed" will require a custom format for
OAI-PMH and diminish interoperability.


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