[OAI-implementers] Designating as Peer Review

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> At our institution we went for the radical approach and 
> created a new DC type to handle this:
> dc.description.peerreviewed

And a web search for "dc.description.peerreviewed" returns
http://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/handle/2027.42/39191?mode=full.  The more
I think about it, the more it seems the information should be stored
with the item.  After all, once an item is published in a peer-reviewed
journal, it will always be considered a peer-reviewed item.  Seems silly
that the presentation of an item's peer-reviewed status could depend on
a changing list of publishers.

Also, if we could standardize the Dublin Core on this at some point,
that would enable searches for peer-reviewed items across repositories.

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> Subject: [OAI-implementers] Designating as Peer Review
> In certain research-collaboration initiatives on campus, 
> faculty have requested the capability to search our DSpace 
> repository for only those items that have undergone peer 
> review.  We would therefore like to identify peer-reviewed 
> items in the Dublin Core fields in a way that would play well 
> with OAI.  Details of any consortial agreements or individual 
> attempts to address this issue would be appreciated.  I've 
> looked around on various lists and come up empty-handed.
> My first thought was to include "peer-reviewed" in a "type" 
> element or refinement thereof.  
> Another option, possibly less radical than the first, is to 
> handle it without altering the Dublin Core fields by checking 
> the "publisher"
> field of each search result against a white list of 
> publishers of peer-reviewed articles. 
> Thanks for any advice.
> Gabe
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