[OAI-implementers] Designating as Peer Review

Farrell,Gabriel gsf24 at drexel.edu
Thu Jun 7 11:08:06 EDT 2007

In certain research-collaboration initiatives on campus, faculty have
requested the capability to search our DSpace repository for only those
items that have undergone peer review.  We would therefore like to
identify peer-reviewed items in the Dublin Core fields in a way that
would play well with OAI.  Details of any consortial agreements or
individual attempts to address this issue would be appreciated.  I've
looked around on various lists and come up empty-handed.

My first thought was to include "peer-reviewed" in a "type" element or
refinement thereof.  

Another option, possibly less radical than the first, is to handle it
without altering the Dublin Core fields by checking the "publisher"
field of each search result against a white list of publishers of
peer-reviewed articles. 

Thanks for any advice.


Gabriel Farrell
Library Systems Developer
Hagerty Library
Drexel University
gsf at drexel.edu
+1 215 895 1871 
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