[OAI-implementers] Any good service provider software recommendation?

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven ruigrokvanderwerven at ubib.eur.nl
Fri Nov 3 09:17:40 EST 2006

Li ho Dr Ku.

Dr. Kam-ming Ku wrote:
> I am looking for good software for implementation of service provider 
> service.  We harvest data from ~30 sites and the total no. of records is 
> ~200K (English, CJK records).

> We are currently using Dspace for hosting the data, however, the 
> search/browse/data upload speed is too slow. Moreover, it does not 
> handle synchronization (amend/create/delete) of OAI metadata 
> effectively. (we need to handle it by 3^rd programs).

There's a few options I think.

A Python solution that was developed for my university library is available at 

PKP offers a PHP solution at http://pkp.sfu.ca/?q=harvester

I currently have the stock DSpace serving public OAI-PMH and use a modified 
PKP one for some specialised harvest offerings for national projects. The 
oaipmh stuff is what we will move towards (already in use on some of our other 

Hope I understood your question and aim well enough and apologies for not 
responding sooner (had too many deadlines to catch).

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven
IT Dept Erasmus University Library

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