[OAI-implementers] OAICat set lists question

Young,Jeff (OR) jyoung at oclc.org
Fri Jun 30 09:19:33 EDT 2006

Hi Gary,

Let me contact you outside the list to find an answer. I don't think
others will the solution that interesting.


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> I'm having trouble figuring out just what the Crosswalk properties
> should look like for OAICat.  Currently I have a property as follows:
> Crosswalks.MODS=edu.harvard.hul.ois.oaiprovider.MODSCrosswalk
> But I have to override several functions in the MODSCrosswalk class to
> get a reasonable response to ListSets, and suspect that there's
> something I'm not missing.  Can someone offer some hints?
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