[OAI-implementers] on the OAI-PMH data model

Fabio Simeoni Fabio.Simeoni at cis.strath.ac.uk
Sat Mar 19 06:08:49 EST 2005


>foreach $record (@records) ....

absolutely yes! much better. I can now make sense of the following excerpt
from Section 3 of the Implementation Guidelines:

"The datestamp values used for OAI are for the purpose of incremental
harvesting. They should be changed to reflect any change in the item which
includes any change to any of the disseminations. For example, even if the
underlying master-record within a repository is not changed, a change to the
way that some formats are generated on the fly should result in updates to
the datestamps of all items for which that format may be disseminated. One
way that this may be implemented internally when building a datestamp index

if (internalItemDatestamp > disseminationInterfaceDatestamp) {
  datestamp = internalItemDatestamp
} else {
  datestamp = disseminationInterfaceDatestamp

which I tended to find a bit obscure. many thanks indeed.



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