[OAI-implementers] examples needed for OAI Best Practices Shareable Metadata

Jewel Ward jewelw at usc.edu
Tue Jul 26 20:09:06 EDT 2005


The OAI Best Practices Committee is finishing up the Shareable Metadata 
section.  As part of that, we (ok, "I") am searching for the following 
examples, but I've had no luck searching through registered DPs.

I'm hoping that "someone" on the Implementers list can point to an 
example metadata record (or two) for the following:  :-)

(1) An example of, "Linking", and,
(2) An example of, "Clustering"

for (from): 


(3) [An example of] <dc:alternative> in a Qualified DC record
(4) [An example of a case] where there is no original title for a work,
(5) [An example of] using a metadata standard/format that does not allow 
for specification of sub-title
(6) [An example of] multiple titles...coded in separate fields.

for (from):  http://oai-best.comm.nsdl.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TitlePractices

I'll keep searching for the above examples, but would appreciate any 
pointers.  I've hit many dead ends, so far.

Thanks in advance,


Jewel H. Ward
Program Manager, USC Digital Archive
Leavey Library, Information Services Division
University of Southern California
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