[OAI-implementers] persistent IDs: DOI vs Handle

Young,Jeff jyoung at oclc.org
Thu Dec 16 11:57:14 EST 2004

Let's be clear about the difference between identifiers for resources
and identifiers for metadata about those resources. Handles and PURLs
would be appropriate for the former, OAI identifiers are relevant to the


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> Hi,
> >Any thoughts or advice on this process of choosing a persistent ID?
> >Or, on the pros and cons of DOI vs the Handle System?
> my 2 cents on the topic.
> 1) DOI vs Handle is not a real question. DOI is 'only' a particular
> application of Handle. For a sysop Handle and DOI are the same:
> -you recive a dump code that need a central server to be resolved
> -differences: Handle is free (now, but in the future ? ). For DOI you
> But the 'DOI system' have much option (for example metadata on the
> server not only in you server as Handle, etc.)
> The real confrontation is : Handle/DOI vs OAI-identifier
> <http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/guidelines-oai-identifier.htm>.
> Advantage of OAI-identifier:
> -It is free now and for ever
> -It is easier for Services Providers retrive metadata with
> As example you can see ERRoLs
> <http://www.oclc.org/research/projects/oairesolver/default.htm>. This
> works better with OAI-identifiers
>   than Handles. Remeber that now CrossRef gives free metadata from a
> but in the future ?
> Disadvantage of OAI-identifier:
> -Data Providers must do more work. It is DP work to keep
> persistent
> -The key point is: you select a web address (as
> http://eprints.rclis.org/),
> you need to mantain the same address (or a redirection).
> Only my 2 cents.
> Bye
> Zeno Tajoli
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